(Updated January 2019. Please note that these prices may change without notice.)

Setup Fees

A setup fee of R50 is added to all orders. This is to cover the costs of print setup, which includes doing a small test print before we start. Should your file require editing, we will also add a once-off file setup fee of R150 to your order.

Custom Sizes & Special Requests

The price list below is only a guide to give you an idea of how much our standard products cost. We can print and/or cut to almost any size, depending on the media width. There are also other types of media we can print on that are not listed here but can be ordered from our suppliers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require anything not listed on this page (even if it’s unconventional!).

Bulk Orders & Discounts

  • We sometimes give discounts on very large orders, depending on the nature of the order.
  • We offer 10% discount to students (provided you show us a valid student card).
  • Our pre-made products (such as canvas buckets, pouches, tote bags, sticker packs and magnetic wooden frames) are all available for wholesale. Please contact us if you would like to request our wholesale product price list.

Printed Stickers

Media90 mm Round stickers50 mm Round stickersPrice per m²
White vinyl – gloss/matteR2.74R0.88R322.00
Clear vinyl – glossR2.65R0.85R312.80
Polyester mirror film (silver) – glossR6.03R1.98R686.55
Minimum order1426

Cut-Out Vinyl

MediaPrice per m²
White vinyl – gloss/matteR210.91
Black vinyl – glossR361.56
Colour vinyl – glossR386.95


135 gsm matte/satin poster paper (arctic white)R16.10R22.73R64.20R128.19R256.39
200 gsm matte/satin poster paper (arctic white)R19.31R38.44R76.87R153.38R306.55
200 gsm semi-matte poster paper (natural white)R19.19R38.20R76.40R152.45R304.70
Minimum order632

Fine Art (Giclée) Prints

Boheme Candido250Traditional white paper with a subtle texture, similar to watercolour paper.R101.43R202.86R405.72
Natural Evolution White280Textured paper with excellent stiffness and opacity. Acid-free & FSC Certified.R113.44R226.87R453.74
Naturalis Absolute White330Smooth paper that is surface-treated for excellent ink coverage. Acid-free.R107.00R213.99R427.98
Cyclus Print350Smooth, greyish coated paper that is 100% recycled from post consumer waste and super eco-friendly. FSC Certified.R103.96R207.92R415.84
Strathmore Premium 100% PC White270Luxurious paper with a vellum finish. 100% Wind-power produced and carbon neutral. Archival & acid-free.R122.41R244.81R489.62
Savile Row White Plain300Natural coloured paper with a fabric-like texture. Contains 20% cotton and 20% natural textile fibres. Acid-free.R121.53R243.06R486.13

Printed Banners

PVC banner (510 gsm)R407.34 (per metre)
PVC banner (280 gsm)R366.50 (per metre)
Roll-up banner (includes 280 gsm banner, stand & carry bag)2050 x 850 mmR1050 (per unit)
X banner (includes 280 gsm banner & stand)1600 x 600 mmR600 (per unit)

Canvas Printing & Stretching

260 gsm cotton canvas (printing only)R35.33R70.10R139.74R278.38R555.52
260 gsm cotton canvas (printing & stretching)R156.91R236.79R378.36R624.08R993.36
280 gsm polyester canvas (printing only)R29.81R59.20R117.22R233.60R464.48
280 gsm polyester canvas (printing & stretching)R141.57R212.74R338.62R555.56R871.64

Wall Coverings

MediaPrice per m²
290 gsm Sahara textured wallpaperR522.10
150 micron removable vinyl wall covering (matte)R530.38

Canvas Products

ProductMediaSizeRetail Price
Mini canvas bucket350 gsm coated cotton canvas180 x 180 mmR180
Regular canvas bucket350 gsm coated cotton canvas220 x 280 mmR280
Large canvas bucket350 gsm coated cotton canvas560 x 370 mmR380
Canvas pouch260 gsm polyester canvas195 x 145 mmR90

Heat Transfer Film (for t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags etc.)

MediaApplication500 x 500 mm240 mm x 300 mm240 mm x 50 mm80 x 80 mm
White PU film (matte)Suitable for light and dark fabrics.R396.11R114.08R19.05R10.14
Clear PU film (matte)Used for prints with lots of detail. Light fabrics only.R469.20R135.13R22.52R12.01
Minimum order1226

T-Shirts, Hoodies & Tote Bags (Unprinted)

T-shirt (100% combed cotton)R100
Hoody (100% combed cotton)R385
Promotional tote (110 gsm)R50
Canvas tote (handmade from 100% cotton)R240

Heat Transfer Application

No. of items to be heat pressedPrice
1–5 unitsR100
6–10 unitsR150
11–15 unitsR200
16–20 unitsR250
21–25 unitsR300
26-30 unitsR350

Get in touch with us to request a formal quote.